Action Research Project on Reading

Action Research Project on Library Centered Teaching of English sanctioned by ELTAI


Coordinator of the Project

Dr. B. Zulaiha Shakeel

Convenor, ELTAI Ramanathapuram Chapter &

Head, Department of English

TBAK College

Kilakarai, Ramanathapuram District


No. of students and classes involved

Students – 25

Classes – 2


Duration of the Project

8 Months

03.01.2018 – 01.09.2018


No. of books purchased: 31


No. of books read on average by students – 2 to 3


Inauguration of Reading Club

A Reading Club was inaugurated for all the PG students of the college as an initiative of this project in which all the students were enrolled as members of the club that is functioning effectively even after the project period. An hour/week was given exclusively to encourage and enhance the reading habit of the students through several reading activities. A separate rack in the department library is maintained for reading club books.  


Google form and sheet were created for the following entries.

  • Membership Enrolment
  • Issue of Reading Club books

Issue of reading club books and review submission were maintained in google sheet. Students taught to make entries of their progress themselves. This helped the them to learn how to use google sheets.

Action Plan -Reading Activity

S. No. Activity Type  of Reading
  1. looking at  main ideas versus details (10 minutes)
  2. understanding what is implied versus stated (10minutes)
  3. making inferences (10 minutes)
  4. looking at the order of information and how it effects the message (5 minutes)
  5. identifying words that  connect one idea to another (10 minutes)
  6. identifying words that indicate change from one section to another (10minutes)
  7. Review (5 minutes)
Intensive reading

(3 weeks)

  1. Reading may be combined with a speaking and writing component (10 minutes)
  2. Students may set their own goals for their next session (5 minutes)
  3. Students may progress from reading graded reading material to authentic text. It should be expected that students will “slow down” in their reading then, it it becomes more challenging (15 minutes)
  4. Summarize the concepts (5 minutes)
  5. Students assumes total responsibility for developing reading ability (10 minutes)
  1. Students reads without the use of a dictionary(5 minutes)
  1. Students recollect all the materials (10 minutes)
  2. Review (10 minutes)
Extensive Reading

(3 weeks)

  1. Skimming is used as part of the SQ3R method of reading, often for speed reading (10 minutes)
  2. This method  involves the student in surveying, questioning, reading, reviewing and reciting (10 minutes)
  3. Students must locate facts that are expressed in sentences,  not single words.(15 minutes)
  4. Although speed is essential and the teacher often sets a time limit to the activity,  skimming should not be done competitively (10 minutes)
  5. Students should be encouraged individually to better themselves (5 minutes)
  6. Review  (10 minutes)

(3 weeks)

  1. Read slowly and pause occasionally to think aloud about a story (15 minutes)
  2. But keep the story flowing as smooth as possible (10 minutes)
  3. Talking about stories they read, develop their vocabularies, link stories to everyday life, and use what they know about the world to make sense out of stories (15 minutes)
  4. Share their experience (10 minutes)
  5. Review and summarize the whole concept (10 minutes)
Story talk

(3 weeks)

  1. Ask friends, neighbours, and teachers to share the titles of their favourite books (15 minutes)
  2. Check the book review section of the newspapers and magazines for the recommended new  books(10 minutes)
  3. Keep in mind that your reading level and listening level are different (20 minutes)
  4. When you read easy books, beginning readers will soon be reading (5 minutes)
  5. When you read more advanced books, you instil a love of stories, and you build the motivation that transforms into lifelong readers(5 minutes)
  6. Through the story identity motivational speech (5minutes)
  7. Review (5 minutes)
Look for book

(3 weeks)

  1. Read the story and get an idea with clear (15 minutes)
  2. Think individually about a topic or answer to a question; and share ideas with classmates (10 minutes)
  3. The teacher asks questions to elicit meaningful responses from the students that would lead to optimum understanding of the poem, short story, fiction (25 minutes)
  4. Review and summarize the whole concept (10 minutes)
  5. How to evaluate what’s being said (10 minutes)
  6. Give  their feedback about the story (10 minutes)
Think-Pair-Share (TPS)

(3 weeks)

  1. Work in pairs, the students  read and analyze the given paragraph (20 minutes)
  2. They write their interpretation on the sheets of paper(15 minutes)
  3. Frame questions on their own
  4. Through that students write their own story in effective way (20 minutes)
  5. Review (5 minutes)
Thought-Unit Paraphrasing

(3 weeks)

  1. Enhance the pronunciation ,stress ,intonation ,speed and accuracy of your reading  which are extremely important (55 minutes )
Loud reading

(3 weeks)

  1. Teacher has to instruct the readers about the activity and the reading material (poem) (10 minutes)
  2. Readers have to create a mind map about the read material(poem) (25 minutes)
  3. Readers have to produce tune for the poem. (reader have to sing the poem in their favourite tune) (25 minutes)
Tuning after reading

(3 weeks)

  1. Try reading first with just a paragraph, then gradually expanding your selection to include more paragraphs or whole sections or sub-sections of text (20 minutes)
  2. Set realistic goals for the amount of time and number of pages to be read (10 minutes)
  3. Think, interpret, and analyze the first time you read, to avoid unnecessary re-reading (10 minutes)
  4. Examine and re-examine the answers to your questions
  5. (20 minutes)
Practicing Active Reading

(3 weeks)


Review Seminar:

Reading Club seminar held for the members on 01.09.2018 and prizes were given from the sanctioned amount of the action research project for the best presentation. All the members of the club were given bookmarks and pens as complement.


Winners of the Review Seminar

Ms Nilofer Nisha R I Prize [Rs. 1000/-]

II MA English

Ms Muneeswari K II Prize [Rs. 500/-]

II MA English

Ms Pargavi K III Prize [Rs. 300/-]

II MA English


Students those who actively participated in the review seminar

(Received Rs. 100/- each)

Ms Mohammed Fazila Fathima F I MA English

Ms Afra Fathima I M Sc Microbiology

Ms Supratha I M Sc Chemistry

Ms Hemalatha II M Sc Mathematics

List of books purchased from the grant sanctioned by ELT@I

S.No. Title Author Publisher with year Amount
 1 I Am Malala MalalaYousafzai Orion books Ltd, 2014 Rs.230
 2 You Are The Best Friend Ajay.K. Pandey Westland Publications Pvt Ltd, 2017 Rs.101
 3 Chase Your Dreams SachinTendulkar Hachette, 2017 Rs.148
 4 The Man Who Knew Infinity Robert Kanigel Abacus, 1991 Rs.388
 5 Last Train To Istanbul AyseKulin Amazon Crossing, 2006 Rs.345
 6 Dollar Bahu SudhaMurty Penguin Random House, 2007 Rs.214
 7 You Are The Best Wife Ajay.K. Pandey Srishti Publishers & Distributors, 2015 Rs.88
 8 The Prophet Kahlil Gibran Finger Print Classics, 2017 Rs.69
 9 Who Will Cry When You Die Robin Sharma Jaico Publishing House, 2018 Rs.88
 10 Love A Little Stronger Preethi Shenoy Srishti Publishers & Distributors, 2018 Rs.96
 11 The Secret Wish List Westland Ltd, 2012 Rs.225
 12 Life Is What You Make It Srishti Publishers & Distributors, 2011 Rs.90
 13 It Happens For A Reason Westland Publications Pvt Ltd, 2014 Rs.224
 14 The One You Cannot Have Westland Publications Pvt Ltd, 2013 Rs.214
 15 Two Plus Half Maniacs Vinit Patel Write India Publishers, 2018 Rs.99
 16 Live Your Dreams Neeti Nigam Keswani Impressions, 2017 Rs.249
 17 The Greatest Short Stories of Leo Tolstoy Jaico Publishing House, 2017 Rs.179
 18 Wise And Otherwise SudhaMurty Penguin Random House, 2006 Rs.142
 19 Thinking Fast And Slow Daniel Kahneman Penguin Random House, 2011 Rs.272
 20 Drowning Ruth Christina Schwarz Headline Book Publishing, 2000 Rs.290
 21 The Fifth Mountain Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Thorsons, 2003
 22 The Devil And Miss Prym Thorsons, 2000
 23 Eleven Minutes Thorsons, 2014 Rs.2275


 24 By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept Thorsons, 2014
 25 The Pilgrimage Thorsons, 2012
 26 The Witch of Portobello Thorsons, 2007
 27 The Valkyries Thorsons, 2007
 28 The Zahir Thorsons, 2014
 29 Veronica Decides To Die Thorsons, 2000
 30 The Alchemist Thorsons, 2002
 31 The Good Mother Sue Miller Phoenix publication, 2002 Rs.467
Total Rs.6493